Frith-Smith & Archibald LLP

Frith-Smith & Archibald LLP

Tourism Accounting with Reservation and Software Integration
Frith- Smith & Archibald,LLP specializes in training on the integration of concierge and reservation software into an accounting program to best suit the needs of the tourist industry. Our firm has been handling the accounting and bookkeeping for many of the Hawaii tourist companies for over 25 years. Wholesale and Inventory Accounting
Our firm offers bookkeeping training for all aspects of the wholesale and retail industry to track inventory properly and integrate into a full accounting system.

Insurance Accounting
We also can assist with this specialized field of accounting.

Non-Profit Auditing and Accounting
We provide auditing services for non-profit clients who require all types of audits to include sales/revenue audits, Single yellow book audits, OMB circular A133 audits, and internal control audits.

Accounting Training, Consulting, and Review Services

Our firm will train existing or new bookkeepers to incorporate our programs and software to allow in-house bookkeeping with our review and preparation of compilation financial statements for management review. Our firm will assist to be sure that the bookkeeping is done timely and in an appropriate manner that allows us to prepare the tax return as quickly as possible.

Bookkeeping Services for Small Business Accounting
Our firm can provide full outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services and provide monthly reporting to small businesses to help them maintain profitability.

Federal and State Income, General Excise, and Payroll Tax Preparation Small Business System Set Up and Organization
Our firm will assist in setting up small business accounting systems with training and organizational procedures that allow the small business to succeed.

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